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Christian Merchandise from the Holy Land
The Holy Land Mall is the Internet's best resource for Christian gifts and merchandise from the Holyland. On our site, you'll find Christian gifts including bibles, Holy water from the Jordan River, angels, and Nativity Scenes. You'll also discover beautiful apparel, jewelry from hand crafted from 18k gold and sterling silver, Rosaries, and Crucifix hand crafted from the bless Olive Wood . We pride ourselves on the fact that we carry authentic Christian gifts. We are dedicated to helping you capture the spirit and history of the Holy land with Christian gifts and items.

Jerusalem Cross - Sterling SilverOlive Wood Souvenirs Hand carved in the HolylandJerusalem Cross - 18K /14K Gold
Sterling Silver Christian JewelryNativity Scene - Olive Wood BETHLEHEMChristmas Ornaments - Olive Wood
Christian Stones from the Jordan RiverHoly Water from the Jordan RiverHoly Candles and oil lamps
Rosaries handcrafted from Olive Wood beads, crystal and MOP in the Holy LandCrosses Crucifix - Olive Wood and M.O.PJewelry Rosary Boxes Handcrafted from M.O.P and Olive Wood
Jerusalem Silver Sculptures by Zadok Art and Ami in the Holy LandHoly Water, Holy Soil, Olive Oil Souvenirs from The Holy LandMESSIANIC blessing from Jerusalem Anointing Oils from ISRAEL
Perfumes Scents of the Bible from IsraelAbout the Passion of ChristHoly Bible - Olive Wood
Amia Stained glass suncatcher and crossesSterling Silver Christian JewelryOlive Wood pendants hand carved in Bethlehem
Popes John XXIII and John Paul II to be declared saints in AprilBiblical Incense & Incense BurnersKosher extra virgin olive oil from Israel
intarsia wood ornaments handcrafted Carving Christmas Tree Ornament