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Messianic Gifts from Israel

Gifts from Israel
Dead Sea Scrolls Replica Pottery Jar from Qumran
Cross Crucifix brass hand made in Jerusalem Israel 5.5"
Napkin holder brass old city of Jerusalem hand made by Chen Judaica in ISRAEL
Grafted In Messianic Star Menorah Fish made in Israel Key Holder
Regular price: $7.99
Sale price: $4.99
Ephod (Choshen) The High Priest Chestpiece (English)
Large High Priest Hoshen Chestplate Necklace
Olive wood Israel Star of David magnet 3" x 2"
Olive wood God bless our Home from Jerusalem magnet 3" x 2"
Grafted In Messianic Keychain
Grafted In Magnet. Messianic Olive Wood Magnet featuring the Grafted In Symbol
Messianic Grafted In Scripture Scarf Gold foil from Israel ON SALE $12.95
Regular price: $19.95
Sale price: $12.95
The national flag of Israel 5 ft x 3.6 ft / 110 x 150 cm
Twelve Tribes by Marc Chagall Magnets Set from Israel
Jerusalem Drink Coasters, Set of 6 from Israel
Holy Land Drink Coasters, Set of 6 from Israel
Star of David with Jerusalem View wall plaque hand made in Israel
Regular price: $16.99
Sale price: $14.99
Put the "Vision" of Y.A.H.W.E.H in front of you always -SHIVITA
Jerusalem View Ceramic Tile hand painted in Israel Armenian Pottery from the Holy Land
Shalom Ceramic Tile hand painted in Israel in English and Hebrew
Large Ceramic Tray and 2 Candle Holders Ceramic Sabbath Set 8" from Israel
Mug Jewish Star Of David coffee mug 8 oz
Mug Dove of peace - coffee mug 8 oz
The Holy Temple in Jerusalem replica Herod's Temple in ISRAEL
Hebrew Alphabet Coffee Cup Mug
10 Widow's Widows Mite Replica Coins Designed in the Holy Land ISRAEL
Second Temple Figurine. Silver and Gold Plated from the Holy Land Israel  6.5 x 4.25 inches
Byzantine Mosaics Magnet Set from Israel the Holy Land set of 6
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml
Israeli Seasonings, set of three bottles "Flavors from the Holy Land" Set of Grill, Salad and Hyssop Seasonings