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Stones of Jerusalem
Stones of Jerusalem
Stones of Jerusalem
Item#: 0142001880
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Product Description
Overview: The Old City has fallen and Moshe Sachar, the courageous Israeli leader, remains hidden in an underground tunnel, guarding the ancient treasures of Jewish antiquity: sacred scrolls that tell of a long, heroic history. Following an elder rabbi's instructions, Moshe opens a scroll and again becomes immersed in the ancient biblical tale from the first century A.D. of Marcus, a Roman Centurion, and Miryam, the troubled young woman he loves. Their love story is set against the corrupt and tumultuous politics of the Roman Empire. As word of the miraculous deeds performed by the mysterious prophet Yeshua spreads among the people, Roman officials begin to fear a threat to the state and Yeshua's fate becomes all the more uncertain.

Author(s): Thoene, Bodie Thoene, Brock

Publisher: Penguin Books Format: Paperback

Category Subject Fiction Religious

ISBN: 0142001880 Language: English Pages: 266 Length: 7.92 inches Width: 5.23 inches Height: 0.57 inches