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The Spirit of the Harpsichord
The Spirit of the Harpsichord
The Spirit of the Harpsichord
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Product Description
Harpsichordists Alexander Rosenblatt and Varoujan Markarian. See details for others...

Sensuous, yet restful - this serene collection of classical melodies, performed on the harpsichord with exquisite clarity, transport the listener to a world of peace and beauty - and faith. Inspired by the season of winter, the music was recorded in the Keshet Studio in Jerusalem by renowned harpsichordist Alexander Rosenblatt and Varoujan Markarian.

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J.-H. d'Anglebert's and L. Marchand's suites, as well as G.F. Handel's four selected airs were recorded in the Keshet Studio by Alexander Rosenblatt and Varoujah Markarian. J.-H. d'Anglebert (1635 - 1691) Harpsichord Suite #2 in G minor

1. Prelude

2. Allemande

3. Courante

4. 2nd Courante

5. Sarabande

6. Gigue

7. Gaillarda

8. Passacaille

L. Marchand (1669 - 1732) Harpsichord Suite #1 in D minor

9. Prelude

10. Allemande

11. Courante 12. 2nd Courante 13. Sarabande 14. Gigue 15. Chaconne

G.F. Handel (1685 -1759) Four selected airs accompanied on harpsichord

16. "Affanni del pensier"

17. "Ah! Mio cor"

18. "Schau hin"

19. "Gott Dagon"

Alexander Rosenblatt, harpsichord Varoujan Markarian, Voice The instrument: Flemish single-manual harpsichord (replica, 8';+8';+Lute, a'=415 Hz) renewed and reconstructed by A. Rosenblatt.