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Sam Philipe Silver Collection from Jerusalem on sale


Distant and recent history, tradition and life situations have provided Sam Phlipe with the inspiration for his art work. The materials he uses are Jerusalem stone, black Galilee basalt, bronze, sterling silver and gold.
All of the materials are chosen for their purity and authenticity by the artist.

Every sculpture created by Sam Philipe is the result of months of work - from the stage of the hand-carved wax figurine to the final polished product cast in metal.

Sam Philipe, a fifth-generation Jerusalmite, started his artistic career while serving as a paramedic with the Israel Defense Forces. During his spare time, he would make dolls and have special displays at art fairs. After completing his compulsory military duty, he spent a year in New York City, restoring antique furniture and studying art. Returning to Israel, he began sculpting... in chocolate, supplying kiosks and mass distributors with his sweet creations. He then worked for artists as a designer. In 1989, he opened his own workshop in Jerusalem and subsequently, established a number of galleries and showcases in some of Israel's finest hotels.

Sam Philipe is convinced that art builds bridges between nations and between religions. He says "Instead of making war, and exchanging bullets and bombs, we should be giving each other art. It opens doors and builds bridges. Art fosters understanding, and this helps us talk sensibly and positively with each other".


Sam Philipe's unique sculptures have been rapeatedly commissioned by Israeli leaders to be presented to kings, presidents and world leaders such as: Pope John Paul the II, President Clinton, King Hussein of Jordan who was appropriately given a statue which embodies Isaiah's prophesy of the Lion & the Lamb, the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin O.B.M. who was presented with a sculpture of a paratrooper praying at the Western Wall, and the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Hilary Clinton, who received the statue of the Samaritan Woman at the Well and an Angel Brooch.


Sam Philipe Levites Carrying the Ark of Covenant hand made in Jerusalem 12" x 11" x 6"
Regular price: $1,200.00
Sale price: $650.00
The Holy Family sculpture hand made by Sam Philipe in Jerusalem
The Holy Family figurine statue by Sam Philipe 925 silver 3"
CHANUKAH DREIDEL hand made by Sam Philipe from SILVER W/ 24K Gold 2.5"
Noah's Ark 925 silver hand made by Sam Philipe in Jerusalem
Flight Into Egypt Statue hand made in Israel by Sam Philipe 925 silver
Angel sculpture hand made by Sam Philipe in Jerusalem 925 silver 7" x 5"