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Rumanian Chants - Antholog
Rumanian Chants - Antholog
Rumanian Chants - Antholog
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Product Description
A choir of the Rumanian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. Directed by Archmandrit Leronimus Gretzu.

The best of Eastern Christian spirituality and musical tradition is brought together in this anthology of Rumanian Orthodox melodies. Drawn from the Rumanian Orthodox Monastery outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, these powerful chants are performed by the choir of the Rumanian Orthodox Church. Recorded live in Jerusalem.

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Liturgical Songs And Carols Of The Nativity

1. Blessings

2. Extenis

3. Blessed is the Man (Ps. 1), 8th Tone Traditional

4. Lord I cry to Thee with Stihira Selections

5. (Ps. 140-141) Orthodox version

6. (Ps. 140-141) Orthodox version

7. Apolytikion of the Nativity, 4th Tone

8. Kontakion of the Nativity, 3rd Tone

9. Exapostilaria of the Nativity, 3rd Tone

10. What wonderful tidings, Traditional Carol

11. In Bethlehem dawnwards, Traditional Carol

12. Up to the gate of Paradise, Popular Carol 8th Tone

13. Little Infant and Lord from on high, Traditional Carol

14. There is the white King, 5th Tone Popular

15. Three wise men from the east, Ecclesiastical Carol


17. I'll raise my eyes to Heaven, Traditional

18. Kinonikon, 5th Tone

19. Presentation to the temple, 3rd Tone by D. Suceveanu

20. The ninth group of songs of the "Kanon"

21. Axion, Tone III - AGEM Syrian

22. By the River of Babylon

23. (Ps. 136) Orthodox version

24. (Ps. 137) English version, 3rd Tone by D.Suceveanu