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Discover Yourself the Dead Sea


Earth - Where the Syrian - African Rift opened up to create the unique Dead Sea, lying an astonishing 400 meters (1312 feet) below sea level.


Water - A unique sea, with the highest concentration of minerals and salt in the world.


Air - They haven't heard of pollution here, Breathe in the oxygen-rich air, real deep.


Fire - A natural protective layer filters the sun's rays as they wash across you. Harness the sun's energy- and your own.


Discover for yourself the unique combination of the health, beauty and pampering at the lowest point on earth. You can't get closer to the earth's core then this. Place your trust in Nature as it treats you to its treasures, its powers, its gifts.

Black mineral-rich cosmetic mud extracted the earth at its very source. Clear oxygen-rich air every time you breathe. The waterbed sensation every time you float on the surface of the sea. Unspoiled natural springs gushing out from the bowels of the earth, brimming with health. The benevolent rays of the sun in a climate that doesn't recognize winter. Reach out.

Many fascinating figures from the pages of history have been attracted to this region, even before you arrived! Through the ages, desert dwellers and nomads sought refuge here in caves, tents, monasteries and palaces. Lot's wife, who was turned into pillar of salt. Jesus was baptized here. The secretive Essence sect left us the Dead Sea Scrolls near here. Herod built his mountain fortress at Masada. Canaanite Kings. Prophets of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. Cleopatra, who came here to enjoy the beauty-enhancing properties of the natural springs. It was in this natural and spiritual ambience that our cultural history had its genesis. What better place to discover your own genesis. One day, you've always promised yourself, you've pamper your body and your soul. One day, you've always told yourself, you've find the opportunity to get to know yourself better. That day has arrived - here in the world's ultimate "Natural Spa" Where beauty and serenity have been part of the scenery since the beginning of time. A place that has remained unchanged for millennia. A place where Nature has created its own uniquely relaxing and invigorating environment. A place that is waiting for you.

Contrasts and harmony. Diversity and coexistence. Some of the most exciting sight Nature can bestow are right here. Layer upon layer. Color upon color. View upon view. Untamed lunar - like landscapes. Breathtaking beauty. Desert plains, mountain cliffs, white caves. Oasis bathed in flora. Ancient spice routes meeting modern ibex trails. Come home to Nature's natural habitat.



The Dead Sea region is one of the driest in the world, with high air temperatures all year round. From November to April average maximum temperature are in the 20-29c (68-84f) range; during the intermediate months of May and September/October average maximum temperatures are 32-37c (90-99f); and in June/July temperatures hover around 38-39c (100-102f). Even in the middle of the winter days are warm and nights pleasantly cool. In fact, night temperatures rarely drop below 10c (50f) for more then two weeks in the entire year. Humidity is low (34-50%), atmospheric pressure high and rainfall sparse rarely more then 50 mm (2 inches) a year. 

These climatic factors are the cause of the high rate of evaporation from the Dead Sea, creating a unique haze that hangs over the entire area. Due to the high concentration of bromide in the Dead Sea's water, this haze contains large quantities of bromine (a component of many sedatives), which has an extremely relaxing effect on the nervous system. At the same time, the very low humidity, allied to the high rate of evaporation, has a bracing effect, since it increase the metabolic activity of the body. The Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth, is also the richest in oxygen- 10% more then at Mediterranean Sea level. The absence of polluting factors such as industry, heavy traffic or allergens (due mainly to the climate), contribute to the remarkably pure air, a major boon for people suffering from respiratory ailments. 

The Dead Sea is the only place on earth where they can sunbathe for extended periods with little or no sunburn because harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered through three natural layers: an extra atmospheric layer, an evaporation layer that exists above the Dead Sea, and a rather thick ozone layer. It is recommended, however, that guests to the Dead Sea maintain careful and progressive exposure to the sun. No bigger then the state of New Jersey 10,840 square miles (27, and only 85 miles (137km.) at the widest point, Israel's geography is amazingly varied.

Mountains and plains, fertile fields and desert are often minutes apart. Its balmy Mediterranean character comes from a coastline stretching almost the entire length- from Egypt in the south to Lebanon in the north - with long white sandy beaches, a warm tranquil sea, and cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nahariya. Another distinctive region is formed by the verdant hills of the Galilee, the Sea of Galilee, the mountains of the Golan, it can snow in Jerusalem and Safed, and there's skiing on Mount Hermon. I the south, away from green fields and orange groves, It's all desert.. Major attractions here are the Dead Sea - a mineral -rich source of health and beauty at the lowest point on earth-and Eilat, a winter paradise on the Red Sea, famous for its corals and marine life.


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