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Messianic Necklace with Marcasites 925 sterling silver
Messianic Necklace with Marcasites 925 sterling silver
Messianic Necklace with Marcasites 925 sterling silver
Item#: N1217-34
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description
Inspirational, Adorable and Unique Gift boxed with FREE 18" Sterling Silver matching chain.

This stunning Messianic necklace is crafted in solid Sterling Silver in artistic design with small Brilliant blazing Marcasites. Gorgeous and decorative with exceptional luster and shine.

Ancient tradition combined with original modern art. Quality Jewelry you will treasure! Beautiful personal keepsakes that will be cherished forever.

You will love this combination - Attesting the Messianic Message.

Messiah is the English translation of "Mashiach", the Hebrew word meaning "Anointed". The name Christ comes from the Greek "Xristos" (The "Anointed").

"Messianic" (Messiah /Mashiach): Christian and Jewish groups who adopt certain Jewish practices in order to live out an earlier, purer, form of Christianity. The Messianic Star:a symbol of the early Messianic Christian movement; It consists of a fish emblem intertwined with a Star of David, symbolizing the harmony of Jewish and Christian beliefs, the foundation of the Christian faith and the shared values of the Old and New Testimonies.

Think Gifts ~ Think Beautiful Affordable Gifts.

Size including the bail: 1" x 1/2" (2.5 x 1.5cm) | 18" Sterling Silver chain is included with this Beautiful 'Messianic Necklace'. It comes to you box with a card: "About the Messianic Symbols".