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Flower of life silver pendant 18" chain necklace MADE IN ISRAEL 3/4"
Flower of life silver pendant 18" chain necklace MADE IN ISRAEL 3/4"
Flower of life silver pendant 18" chain necklace MADE IN ISRAEL 3/4"
Item#: BEX-001
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Product Description
Hand crafted 925 sterling silver Kabbalah circle tree of life pendant 3/4" comes on 18" heavy sterling silver box chain.

Kabbalah is an ancient Hebrew mystical system of thought. While it derives from the mystical interpretations of the Old Testament, it has become the fastest growing spiritual movement in America with followers from all religious backgrounds. Awareness of Kabbalah has risen in recent years thanks in part to well known celebrities including Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who have embraced the study of these mystical teachings.

Over the years, Kabbalah has taken on multiple spellings suggestive of the different spiritual movements that have arisen from the original texts; This encompases the names Kabbala, Cabala, Cabbalah or Qabbalah.

According to the research of Druvalo, the Flower of Life pattern is inscribed on many of the world's great pyramids, temples and cathedrals. Citizens of ancient civilizations meditated on the shape of the Flower of Life for the purpose of manifesting their most profound desires. It is believed that the Flower of Life symbolizes the evolution of the universe. On the first day there was a sphere representing the Earth. On each successive day, the sphere rotated upon itself, forming the six petal flower symbolizing the Genesis of the universe and an alternative interpretation of Creation. From the three dimensional shape, all other sacred patterns may be recognized, including the Tree of Life, Leonardo daVinci's Pentacle and Plato's Five Platonic Solids. The Flower of Life is a power symbol; when used for meditation, it helps unlock memories by activating universal energy codes.