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Israel in Crisis
Israel in Crisis
Israel in Crisis
Item#: 0800758048
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Product Description
Overview: The smell of the sultry Middle East air is of major battle ahead, centered on the holy city of Jerusalem, writes author David Dolan. Most newspapers most days contain a story on the bloodshed or futile peace attempts in the Middle East. Israel in Crisis takes a probing look into what exactly is going on, what different events may lead to, and how theyıre linked to biblical prophecy. A professional journalist and CBS Radio correspondent who has lived in Israel since 1980, Dolan gives an eyewitness account of current events. He weaves them with Scripture to answer frequently asked questions, such as: - Is the Middle East heading for war? - If so, who will be involved and how will it end? - Will a new Jewish Temple rise in Jerusalem? - Is the dispute over the holy city solvable? - What about the missing Ark of the Covenant? This timely, informative, and inspirational book is for anyone concerned about events in the Middle East and their relevance to the Bible. Though Israel in Crisis is non-fiction, Dolanıs fast-pasted journalistic style will appeal to readers of the Left Behind series.

Category Subject Religion & Spirituality History

ISBN: 0800758048 Language: English Pages: 184 Length: 8.50 inches Width: 5.50 inches Height: 0.50 inches

Author(s): Dolan, David

Publisher: Revell Format: Paperback