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Catholic Jordan River Holy Water
Catholic Jordan River Holy Water
Catholic Jordan River Holy Water
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Product Description
Authentic Holy Water from the Jordan River the Holy Land. Jordan River Water 100 ml. Scented lightly with Biblical essences of flowers from the Holy Land.

This unique keepsake of bottle of genuine Purifying Holy Water from Jordan River is imported from Israel. It comes in a decorative bottle.

The Holy Water are very lightly scented with a gentle scent of Holy Land Flowers to eliminate staleness and to keep freshness. Carefully prepared in the Holy Land with with the utmost care and reverence. A Certificate of Authenticity included.

Suggest to use with: * Prayers in the home, religious celebrations, sick room visitation and as sacraments during time of hardship.

* Pray for Blessings, Healing, Baptizing, Purifying, Cleansing, Repentance, for the sick, or other personal needs.

* Burn the Frankincense and let the light aromatic smell purify your house.

* Keep as a spiritual keepsake.