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Hamsa , Hamsah
Hamsa one of the most ancient amulets or symbols of many religions, the Hamsa of Judaic faith or Hand of Fatima from the Islamic belief is one of the original protective signs. In all religions, it is believed that the one, who wears it or hangs it in his house, will be protected from the Evil Eye and other negative thoughts. Amulets are intended to guard and protect a person, his family and all his effects - from the violence of nature and from sorcery and demons. Sometimes they are intended to heal the sick, to dispel infertility, to protect travelers on a journey, to bring good fortune and success, or to evoke good will and love. Kabbalah is a body of mystical Jewish teachings based on an interpretation of hidden meanings in the Hebrew Scriptures. Magic amulets are mentioned by Rabbis in the Mishna and Talmud written 2000 years ago. The user hoped for good fortune, success, wedding, children or health, in exchange for wearing this holy symbol or document.

Hamsa Sterling Silver Pendant with Sterling chain from Israel
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The "Hand of God" ~ Key Chains
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Benediction De La Casa - Home Blessings/ Spanish
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Hand of God - Benedicion De La Casa
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