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Easter Collection - Live from Jerusalem
Easter Collection - Live from Jerusalem
Easter Collection - Live from Jerusalem
Item#: 38C
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Product Description
Through this powerful Easter Collection, feel the spirit and splendor of the Resurrection, the central event of the new Christian Covenant. This live recording, made at the very site of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, includes the best of Christian chants sung by various denominations during Easter week. Relive the spirit and essence of the Resurrection through this holiest of music.

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1. Choir of Downing College, Cambridge

2. Choir of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

3. Choir of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

4. Choir of the Syrian Orthodox Monastery of St.Mark

5. Choir of the Custody of the Holyland

6. The Limburger Youth Choir

7. Varoujan Markarian (Armenian Patriarchate)

8. Choir of Spanish Jesuits

9. Graz Gregorian Chant School

10. Choir of Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem