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Armenian Patriarchate - Nativity of Christ
Armenian Patriarchate - Nativity of Christ
Armenian Patriarchate - Nativity of Christ
Item#: 02H
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Product Description
The first nation to embrace Christianity, Armenia has developed a wealth of Christian liturgical music. Here, on CD, the electrifying magic of the choir of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is captured chanting the traditional Nativity music as performed every Christmas in Bethlehem, as well as a selected anthology of 19th century Armenian chants. Directed by his Beatitude Archbishop Torkom Mannogian, Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem.

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1. When in the End

2. On All the Earth (passage)

3. With Great Sorrow

4. At that Time When All Creations Tremble and Quake

5. Pair of Brothers

6. Messiah, the Bridegroom (passage)

7. The Test of Habel

8. To Your Home We Came O Lord

10. My Lord, Draw Me Up

11. The Voices of Adam

12. Let Us Remember

13. Goodbye

14. Small and Little

15. The Funeral of Christ, Our King

16. Glory to the Worthy The Doors of Paradise