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Armenian Chants - Soloist: Varoujan Markarian
Armenian Chants - Soloist: Varoujan Markarian
Armenian Chants - Soloist: Varoujan Markarian
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Product Description
Fourteen hundred years of Christianity has imbued Armenia with a rich legacy. In a nation where music has always played an integral part in history, it is no surprise that Armenia has developed a unique folk music of chants - Eastern in origin and concept - which spans the gamut of emotions. This faith-inspiring collection was recorded in Jerusalem by the Armenian scholar and artist Varoujan Markarian.

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This collection of Armenian chants was recorded in the Keshet Studio in Jerusalem by Varoujan Markarian.

1. Rejoice, Holy One Texts and melody by Movses Khorenatsi,

2. We fall before You V century - for tracks 1-8

3. Oh great and marvelous Mystery

4. Thou Word God

5. We magnify the Holy Mother

6. We beseech thee, O Son

7. Glorious God

8. Light of light

9. Today is the feast Text by Nervses Shnorhali-XII century.

10. Today is the feast Other version

11. Multitudes of angels.